Patricia of Chicago

Patricia of Chicago is a visionary DJ, pleasure activist, mood healer and marketing & communications manager with a focus on wellness within vulnerable communities. She is dedicated to ushering in a new era of inclusivity and pleasure-oriented communities, using her platform to build experiences around music, lifestyle, wellness and entrepreneurship.

With her eclectic blend of house, hip-hop, dance, disco, moombamton, R&B, and a range of other world influences, Patricia’s music style creates an immersive and transformative experience for her audiences. For her, DJing is about healing, pleasure activism, centering joy, fostering connection, and celebrating art and creativity, and as a black woman in a male-dominated industry, she is working to change the narrative and create new opportunities for underrepresented voices.


As a marketing & communications manager, Patricia is committed to promoting wellness and empowerment within marginalized communities. She recognizes that individuals within these communities often face systemic barriers and inequalities that can impact their physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Through her work, Patricia strives to create opportunities for community members to access the resources and support they need to lead healthy, fulfilling lives. 


"I create spaces for healing & pleasure, center joy & connection, celebrate art & creativity - and as a black woman in a male dominated industry, I work to change the narrative.”

patricia of chicago


Grand Valley State

Advertising/PR, Grand Rapids, MI

Kingston University London

Culture & Media Studies



Girls Inc.

JD Sports

Rent the Runway

Goodlife Clothing

Chasing Chicago

Five Iron

Clean Your Dirty Face

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