Patricia of Chicago is a curator of global sounds, an experience artisan, a mood healer, and a connoisseur of pleasure and enjoyment.

Dedicated to ushering in a new era of inclusivity and pleasure-centric communities, Patricia utilizes her platform to craft immersive experiences centered around music, lifestyle, wellness, and entrepreneurship.

With an eclectic blend of house, R&B, dance, disco, cumbia, afrobeat, amapiano, and a myriad of world influences, Patricia’s musical style creates a transformative and immersive journey for her audiences.

For her, DJing embodies a profound commitment to healing, cultivating joy, fostering connections, and celebrating art and creativity. As a Black woman in a predominantly male industry, she actively reshapes the narrative and opens avenues for underrepresented voices, epitomizing empowerment in the pursuit of cultural renaissance and musical enlightenment.